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Changing of BTA Bank Board of Directors structure
«BTA Bank» JSC (hereinafter – Bank) informs about decision of Board of Directors (Decision № 16 dated April 22nd 2015)

NOTIFICATION on holding annual general meeting of shareholders of BTA Bank JSC
BTA Bank Joint-Stock Company, located at: 97 Zholdasbekov str., Samal-2 mcrd., 050051, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, pursuant to resolution of the Board of Directors (the Decision № 17 from 28 April, 2015) kindly informs on convening annual general meeting of shareholders of BTA Bank JSC.

Changing of rates and fees for cash services of individuals and legal entities
Dear clients! We inform about changing of rate policy of “BTA Bank” JSC in connection with gradual integration of “BTA Bank” JSC branches on the technological platform of “Kazkommertsbank” JSC.

Over changing of Directors Board structure of the BTA Bank
Almaty city, April 13d 2015 – «BTA Bank» JSC (hereinafter – Bank) informs about the following decisions (# 13 dd. April 6th 2015 and # 14 dd. April 8th 2015) made by Directors Board