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Termination of license for bank operations and others also securities market activity of “BTA Bank” JSC №1.2.26/196/35 dd. 30.01.2015

25.06.2015 17:19:54

Hereby «BTA Bank» JSC (hereinafter - Bank) informs about termination of license for bank and other operations and securities market activity of "BTA Bank" JSC №1.2.26/196/35 dd. 30.01.2015 in compliance with order # 268 of Deputy Chairman of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan dd. June 23rd 2015;

1) name of competent authority which issued permission and made the decision about termination of permission: National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2) date and number of permission, term of permission validity: not applicable;

3) name of type of permitted activity: not applicable;

4) date of decision about termination (term of termination), date of renewal made by competent authority: not applicable;

5) ground of termination (renewal) of permission: not applicable;

6) date of decision about termination (ground of termination) made by competent authority: 23.06.2015, Bank statement about termination of license due to the voluntary appeal to the competent authority on 16.06.2015 under reference number #11НА-85-5-3/8472.