Credit cards

Dear customers,

Please refer to the authorized officers or agents of the Bank wearing the office badges only for consulting on lending.

Do not take advices from unauthorized persons.

CREDO. Loan which is always at hand!

BTA kindly offers you a CREDO credit card, which will help you experience all the advantages of a revolving credit limit, which is always at hand and can be used anytime. CREDO is a credit card which enables you to use money within your credit limit. The bank does not require proper use of the loan - you can use it at your own discretion and it is available to you on a round-the clock basis.

CREDO cards are now available to:

  • BTA depositors (provided that the deposit complies with the card receiving rules);
  • clients who draw salary with BTA debit payment card (provided that the client and his/her employer are solvent)

CREDO combines the advantages of express-crediting and a payment card:

Card Credit limit
  • round-the-clock access to money;
  • round-the-clock holders support service;
  • ability to pay for purchases and draw money from the card both in Kazakhstan and abroad;
  • automatic debt repayment from the Borrower’s payment card;
  • remote control of your loan and all operations via Internet and SMS-banking service;
  • a large network of ATMs;
  • debt repayment in cash at Cash&Pay terminals.
  • revolving nature: paid-off sums can be used again;
  • convenient and flexible repayment schemes;
  • no penalties for advanced repayment;
  • the interest is added only to the used sum: if the credit limit is not used, there’s no need to pay for anything.

Basic terms of receipt and maintenance of CREDO cards

Currency of credit limit tenge, USD, Euro
Basic interest rate, % p.a. nominal effective
from 24% * from 28,9%
Supplementary interest rate, % p.a. from 20% from 26,7%
Credit limit Minimal 20 000 tenge or 150 USD or 100 euro maximal up to 3 (three) salary amounts
Lending period and card’s validity period 12, 24 or 36 months
Security not required
Indebtedness repayment 10% or 100% per month from indebtedness amount, but no less than 2 000 tenge/15 USD /10 euro
Early repayment full or partial – without penalty fees
Application processing fee, tenge free of charge
Annual servicing fee, tenge Depending on the type of plastic according to the Bank’s tariffs. There is a possibility of monthly fee payment in the amount of 350 tenge per month.
Fee for encashment in ATMs and units Basic option Additional option
2% (in the Bank’s network) / 2% min. 650 tenge (in other Bank’s network) 3% (in the Bank’s network) / 3% min. 650 tenge (in other Bank’s network)
Fee for servicing in trade and service enterprise free of charge

* In case of 100% repayment schedule you will be provided with discount on interest rate of up to 6%

You will find more information on credit cards maintenance fees here.

An example of CREDO card use

A CREDO credit card is opened for a client who draws salary via BTA debit payment card. The credit limit on CREDO card is 50 000 tenge. Let's assume, that the client has spent 10 000 (current indebtedness). When salary or some other proceeds are credited to the salary card, 10% of the current indebtedness (i.e. 1 000 tenge) + interest rate will be written-off and transferred from the card to CREDO.
If the client chooses the scheme of absolute repayment, the whole sum of indebtedness (10 000 tenge plus interest rate) will be transferred from the salary card.

Documents necessary to open CREDO credit card

For all categories of clients:

  • ID Card with IIN (for copies)

Additional documents for the clients – holders of BTA Bank salary cards:

  • Copy of Citizens’ Registry book or reference from address bureau.
  • Social individual code (SIC).
  • Reference from work / copy of work contract / copy of work record card
  • Extract from Pension Savings Fund on the status of individual pension account for the last 6 months. It is given to the name of the borrower / co-borrower / guarantor (natural body) *

For depositors of BTA Bank opening a credit card against a pledge of deposit:

  • Original of Bank deposit agreement – for scanning.
  • Certified consent of the depositor’s spouse to pledge or statement confirming that the client is not married.

* The bank may require additional documents, where applicable

How to get a CREDO card?

Please kindly contact the Bank using one of the methods below:

  1. Visit any branch of the Bank with all necessary documents. You will be offered to fill in application forms and sign documents for further consideration of your application.
  2. File an application to open CREDO to the Call Center by phones:
    • +7 (727) 250-01-11, 250-02-22 – for Almaty
    • 8-8000-800-111 – toll-free number around Kazakhstan;
    • 7111 – free-of-charge number for subscribers of all Kazakhstan mobile connection operators.

Or fill in an online application form at www.btanetwork.kz/ring.

The operator of the Call Center will contact you and arrange your visit to the Bank for card registration procedure. Please visit your local branch of the Bank at specified time with all necessary documents. You will be offered to fill in application forms and sign documents for consideration of your application.

24/7 Online Unit

If you have no time to visit the Bank kindly use our BTA24 online unit. Here you can get detailed information on the products, services and current promo-activities of BTA Bank, specify contact phone numbers, addresses and working hours of our outlets, find nearest ATM, get effective exchange rates and use respective calculators.

The main convenience of BTA24 is a round-the-clock opportunity to make payments and transfers online and constantly expanding range of financial services, including:

  • payment for difference services (mobile and city landline communication, cable TV, utilities, Internet services, insurance companies, education enterprises) and payments into budget (taxes, fines, duties)
  • control over personal bank accounts (card, deposit and loan accounts) and getting statements thereunder at any time required
  • money transfers between BTA Bank cards ("card-to-card"), and between card and deposit accounts opened without our bank
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