Loan restructuring for individuals

If you have obtained a loan in BTA and you have difficulties with its repayment, we are ready to help you and reduce your debt load. For this purpose you can use one of the offered loan restructuring tools:

  • get a credit repayment delay;
  • make an individual repayment schedule;
  • prolong the credit period (in order to reduce the sum of a monthly payment);
  • get a cancellation of the repayment delay penalty.

It is necessary to remember that if you get a delay in loan repayment or make an individual repayment schedule with a manager, the sums of monthly payments which have not been paid off will be distributed till the end of credit period. It means that when the grace period is over, the sum of a monthly payment will increase. If you decide to prolong the credit period, the total sum of the bank interest will be increased (since in this case you will use the loan for a longer period of time).

The decision on what tool of restructuring is reasonable for applying in your case is made by an authorized body of the Bank. Each case is considered separately and each Borrower must have objective reasons to ask for debt re-structuring.

If you have received an approval form the Bank, you need to sign a respective additional agreement with the Bank (except the cases, when the Bank decides to cancel your penalty).

You need to file a written application to the nearest branch of BTA in order to restructure your debt. The documents confirming worsening of the Borrower's financial state are to be submitted with the application. The Bank has the right to ask for additional documents to make a decision.

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