Deposits of BTA Bank are the most reliable deposits. Our Bank is the first member of system of compulsory collective guarantee (insurance) of the deposits of individuals of the Republic of Kazakhstan with Member’s Certificate #001. All deposits of our Bank are insured by Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund irrespective of the amount of deposit and interest rates. This means that in case of compulsory liquidation of the bank you will always be able to receive the amount of your deposit in accordance with the terms of the Law “On compulsory guaranteeing the deposits placed in second tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. After opening a deposit in our Bank, you will be entitled to receive any information on current status of your deposit.

BTA Bank has the broadest branch network on the territory of Kazakhstan, and you can execute a deposit in any of that branches. Thus, you don’t have go far from your home to execute a deposit. One more specific feature of BTA branch network is that you can open or close your deposit in any Bank unit that is located nearby (that is your deposit will not be attached to a certain Bank unit). Also there is a new service for the convenience of our clients – online replenishment of your deposit via Internet.

Plenty of choice of the terms of placing the funds enables you to plan cash-lows for a certain period of time.

There is a requirement on obligatory placement of funds credited to savings account by non-cash way, within 30 days, which is applied to all bank deposit agreements (which provide partial withdrawal). In case of failure to comply with this requirement, and withdrawal of cash, that were credited by non-cash way and lied on a savings account for a period of less than 30 days less than 30 days
- 1,0% of the amount of given money in tenge;
- 1,1% of the amount of given money in foreign currency.

Electronic application

You may file an electronic application to open a time deposit via internet-site of BTA Bank. After filing an application, the manager of the Bank will contact you within 2 days and help you to open a deposit in a Bank unit.

Advantages of BTA deposits:

  • multicurrency - three accounts at a time will be opened within one deposit agreement: in tenge, USD and Euro;
  • partial withdrawal of money from the account;
  • crediting of additional depositions without limitations to the amount;
  • profitable interest rates;
  • annual effective interest rate up to 10,5%;
  • fixed basic interest rate;
  • preferential terms in prescheduled termination of the agreement;
  • opportunity to replenish deposit automatically from payment card or current account in case of execution of a Standing order;
  • opportunity to file an electronic application to open a deposit;
  • control of deposit by remote channels.

One more advantage of BTA Bank deposits – payment cards within the frameworks of “Depositor’s card” product!

Time deposits of BTA Bank for natural persons became even more attractive!

Depositor’s card – international debit card of such types as “VISA Electron Instant, Visa Electron/Maestro International, Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard, Visa Gold/ MasterCard Gold”, issued at will of the client when opening savings account in the Bank and placing a time deposit there (except such deposits as Sprint, Deposit 24, Platinum and other deposits for VIP segment).

Clients who opened time deposit in BTA Bank may execute and receive international payment card. Now depositors will be able to evaluate the convenience of controlling their savings with the help of card:

  • Internet-banking system enables the cardholders to check the status of the deposit and receive information on the amount of accrued interest and cash-flows on the account at any time. This system also enables to replenish deposit by the funds on Visa card.
  • SMS-banking service enables the cardholders to receive information on current amount of the deposit at any time through SMS to his/her cell phone.

Internet- and SMS-banking services are a part of BTA Network remote service system of BTA Bank. To receive more information on BTA Network remote service system, click on a link.

Apart from the abovementioned functions, the Depositor’s Card is serviced in the developed payment infrastructure of BTA Bank:

  • servicing in over 700 ATMs of BTA Bank (receipt of information on condition of balance on card; receipt of cash; payments and transfers to other cards of BTA Bank; change of PIN code);
  • execution of non-cash payments by card in trade and service enterprises;
  • replenishment of a card via “Cash & Pay” cash receiving terminals.

BTA kindly offers the following deposits

“Platinum” deposit
Maximum of privileges. Do you appreciate individual approach and comfortable service?
BTA Bank offers its services, taking into account your needs and preferences, as well as qualified advices, and provides absolute confidentiality.
Feel yourself a qualified client of the Bank!

“Formula Uspekha” deposit
This deposit provides profitable interest rates, wide range of placing terms, option of partial withdrawal of cash from the deposit, capitalization of interest, additional depositions, preferential terms in case of prescheduled termination of the deposit. Drawing of money prizes between the depositors.

“Formula Uspekha – Kapital” deposit
This deposit provides fixed interest rate within its whole maturity period. Opening of the deposit is performed in one, two or three currencies at a time: tenge, USD, Euro.

“Vygodnyi kurs” deposit
Good plus!
Having executed multicurrency “Vygodnyi kurs” deposit, you receive an opportunity to make conversion of the funds on a fair rate which is more profitable than the market rate.

“Pensionniy” deposit
Respectable age – respectable interest.
Deposit is executed for persons who reached 50 years old. Pensionniy deposit offers a low value of initial payment, advantageous interest rates, wide range of deposit terms, possibility of partial withdrawals, interest capitalization, additional cash installments, beneficial terms upon early deposit termination. Lotteries among depositors. Pensionniy deposit is a good raise to your pension.

Detskiy multivalutniy
Grow your money for children!

"Sprint" Deposit
You hold money for a short period of time and would like to have some income? "Sprint" deposit is a good possibility to both save your money and get additional income for a short period of time. Deposit term is from 7 to 60 days. Quick money at a short distance!

“Druzhba” deposit
Many a little makes a mickle
New deposit provides with opportunity to keep and accumulate money in Russian Rubbles.

“Do Vostrebovaniya” deposit
Deposit terms allow to get the whole deposit amount together with accrued interest at any period of time.

Additional information

24/7 Online Unit

If you have no time to visit the Bank kindly use our BTA24 online unit. Here you can get detailed information on the products, services and current promo-activities of BTA Bank, specify contact phone numbers, addresses and working hours of our outlets, find nearest ATM, get effective exchange rates and use respective calculators.

The main convenience of BTA24 is a round-the-clock opportunity to make payments and transfers online and constantly expanding range of financial services, including:

  • payment for difference services (mobile and city landline communication, cable TV, utilities, Internet services, insurance companies, education enterprises) and payments into budget (taxes, fines, duties)
  • control over personal bank accounts (card, deposit and loan accounts) and getting statements thereunder at any time required
  • money transfers between BTA Bank cards ("card-to-card"), and between card and deposit accounts opened without our bank
Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008