Vygodniy kurs

By executing deposit you will get possibility:

  • to convert money at a beneficial rate;
  • monthly interest capitalization or monthly payments;
  • beneficial early termination of deposit;
  • to get depositor’s card.

Deposit terms:

  • minimum deposit amount is 150 000 KZT or 1 000 USD/Euro;
  • multicurrency;
  • fixed basic interest rate during the whole deposit term;
  • conversion is made under beneficial rate:
    • from KZT to USD/Euro;
    • from USD to KZT/Euro;
    • from Euro to KZT/USD.
  • minimum conversion rate is 150 000 KZT or1 000 USD/Euro;
  • conversion is made under beneficial rate only on the date of deposit opening:
    • upon depositing for 3 months - 0,5% allowance to the rate is provided by the deposit;
    • upon depositing for 6 months – 1% allowance to the rate is provided by the deposit;
    • upon depositing for 12 months – 2% allowance to the rate is provided by the deposit;
  • Conversion is made under a special rate fixed for multicurrency deposits during the whole term of deposit agreement without loss of accrued interest.
  • additional installments and partial withdrawals are not available.

24/7 Online Unit

If you have no time to visit the Bank kindly use our BTA24 online unit. Here you can get detailed information on the products, services and current promo-activities of BTA Bank, specify contact phone numbers, addresses and working hours of our outlets, find nearest ATM, get effective exchange rates and use respective calculators.

The main convenience of BTA24 is a round-the-clock opportunity to make payments and transfers online and constantly expanding range of financial services, including:

  • payment for difference services (mobile and city landline communication, cable TV, utilities, Internet services, insurance companies, education enterprises) and payments into budget (taxes, fines, duties)
  • control over personal bank accounts (card, deposit and loan accounts) and getting statements thereunder at any time required
  • money transfers between BTA Bank cards ("card-to-card"), and between card and deposit accounts opened without our bank
Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008