• What is Call Center?
  • What are the working hours of the Call Center?
  • Can I call to the Call Center to Almaty from Uralsk?
  • What banking operations are possible to be executed through the Call Center?
  • How do applications work?
  • Why it is profitable and convenient to file applications through Call Center?
  • Can I file an application while being abroad
  • What should I do if I want to file an application but forgot my TIN?
  • If I filed an application but was not able to come at the appointed time, what should I do to postpone my visiting time?
  • I make frequent calls to the Call Center by phone numbers 2 500 111 or 2 500 222 and know information in the automatic menu greeting. I do perfectly know that in order to choose deposits one needs to press “1”, to choose loans – “2” and so forth. Can I skip listening to that menu and accelerate connection with operator?
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