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New opportunities for investing

Investment company JSC "BTA Securities" offers Kazakhstan investors new opportunities for investing - unit investment trusts and individual asset management, which are considered to be the most progressive and attractive ways of capital management among personal and corporate as well as institutional investors of the world.

However, higher yield has its underside – stock market investments have a higher degree of risk. Successful investments require experience, theoretical and practical knowledge, modern technical and software equipment, complete and reliable information, and the ability to analyze the information. Combination of such resources is only possible in the company professionally working in stock market. Created in 1997, JSC "BTA Securities" is one of the leaders among Kazakhstan investment companies, providing wide range of professional services in equity market. The company was marked many times with awards from Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) as the trade leader in corporate securities and leading financial advisor. In July 2005, Britain’s leading financial publication presented "Best Equity House in Kazakhstan" award to JSC "BTA Securities".

Unit Investment Funds

Unit investment fund is one of the world’s most popular and efficient forms to raise funds from private and corporate investors for the stock market, when professional managers pump investors’ funds into securities for a capital gain. These facilities enable a pool of small and medium-sized investors in form of unit investment funds to grasp advantages available to major investors. BTA Securities offers investors Open-End Unit Investment Fund – OPIF BTA Profitable – and Interval Unit Investment Fund – IPIF BTA Balanced.

Individual Trust Management:

Individual trust management is intended to derive revenue from investing into the stock market. In this case investor is a founder of trust management or trustor. Trust management is designed for investors who have reasonably high temporarily redundant cash or securities and want to gain an extra yield but do not have enough time for transactions on the stock market. It is also intended for those who lack sufficient experience to form and manage their own portfolios. Trust management rests on investing goals and terms approved by the trustor. These in turn underlie the investment strategy, structure and specific composition of the investment portfolio.

JSC BTA Securities holds investment portfolio management license # 0403200090 dated 29.08.2003. Regulations of OPIF BTA Profitable were registered on February 4, 2005; regulations of IPIF BTA Balanced – August 5, 2005. Cost of stake may rise or drop and investing results in the past do not precondition future investments. The government does not guarantee return on investments into unit investment funds. Before you buy a stake in any unit investment fund, please carefully read its rules.

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Phone: +7 (727) 249-46-20, 299-10-77, 299-10-50
Address: 281, Khusainov street, Almaty

Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008