Kamkor program

With care for you.
Receipt of pensions and benefits in BTA Bank JSC – convenient, profitable and simple!

Following a good tradition to take care of their customers, BTA Bank offers Kamkor program, which enables to receive pensions, social payments and benefits without any troubles to either card or special current accounts with BTA Bank.

Who is the receiver of pensions and benefits under Kamkor program?

Kamkor program may be used by:

  • retirement pensioners;
  • citizens. receiving child birth/care allowances etc.;
  • customers receiving state payments from SCPP (State Center for Pension Payments) and payments from the Savings pension funds;
  • seniority pensioners;
  • parents of large family;
  • veterans and disabled people of the World War II, veterans and disabled people of the Afghan war and other persons receiving pensions / benefits.

Advantages of Kamkor program:

  1. Free of charge opening of special current account / payment card.
  2. Accrual of interest to the balance of funds on the payment card.
  3. Free of charge receipt of all types of social payments, stipulated by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  4. Servicing of pensioners by preferential rates for payments of public of utilities through BTA Bank.
  5. Minimal pack of documents for opening the account:
    • Identification card or passport (with IIN)
  6. Possibility of executing express-loan for pensioners.
  7. Execution of standing order for regular transfer of a certain amount to deposit.
  8. Remote management of the account through alternative channels of the Bank: ATMs, Cash&Pay payment acceptance terminals, SMS-banking, Internet-banking etc.
  9. Wide network of modern outlets all around the country with convenient working schedule.

Having executed a free-of-charge special payment card of Kamkor program, you will be able to use the following additional advantages:

  • no need to visit the Bank unit – receipt of pensions and benefits by cash may be done by card in any ATM of BTA Bank any time, without fees*;
  • preferential annual service of the card – only 25 tenge per month;
  • opportunity to save and accrue funds – balance of funds on the payment card is accrued an interest on a daily basis according to the balance amount ;
  • possibility of remote management of bank account with payment card attached thereto through alternative service channels, such as ATMs, Cash&Pay payment acceptance terminals, SMS-banking, Internet-banking etc. (detailed information is available at any unit of the Bank).

* Free-of-charge receipt of cash up to KZT 400,000 per month. In case of withdrawal of cash in larger amounts, fee shall apply. See more information

Did you decide to use Kamkor program?

In order to save your time, BTA Bank offers the services of the remote banking servicing channels network.
BTA24 round-the-clock online unit

If you don’t have time to visit traditional unit of BTA Bank, use the services of BTA24 round-the-clock online unit. Here you will be able to receive detailed information on products, services and current promo-actions of BTA Bank, get contact phone numbers, addresses and working schedules of out units, find nearest ATM, receive information on actual exchange rates and use respective calculator.

The main convenience of BTA24 is round-the-clock possibility to make payments and transfers online, as well as constantly expanding range of financial services (Internet-banking).


Holders of BTA payment cards are offered by Internet-banking system to use the following services:

  1. Review of status of own bank accounts (card, deposit, current and credit) and get extracts thereon for any period of time.
  2. Making payments for:
    • Mobile and stationary/international telephone communication services;
    • Cable television services;
    • Public utilities;
    • Financial services:
    • Payments on mortgage loans of BTA Mortgage;
    • Acceptance of insurance payments in favor of various insurance companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  3. Making transfers:
    • between cards issued by BTA Bank;
    • from card to own deposit/current account, opened with the Bank;
    • from own deposit/current account, opened with the Bank, to your payment card.
  4. And making of more than 50 types of tax, customs and other obligatory payments into budget.

You may log in the system at the following address: https://bta24.kz/IBankPublic/Registration/Default.aspx.

But there is even more to come: with the help of BTA24, you may file electronic application to receive the following products and services:

  • issue of payment card;
  • opening of deposit;
  • execution of loan;
  • reservation of currency;
  • reservation of safety deposit box;
  • connection to SMS-banking service;
  • e-mail advice from your specialists;
  • order of phone call at any time convenient to you.
    • Call Center

      Call Center operators will provide consultations on:

      • terms of participation in Kamkor program;
      • addresses of units and ATMs of BTA Bank;
      • accept electronic application to issue payment card, which you will fill out at:
      • execute logging-in and give consultations to users of Internet-banking and SMS-banking.


      Wide network of conveniently located ATMs of BTA Bank will enable you to make the following operations with your payment card at any time:

      • receive cash;
      • check balance on bank account (free-of-charge);
      • receive mini-extract on bank account;
      • execute money transfer between payment cards issued by BTA Bank;
      • pay for mobile communication services.


      When connecting to SMS-banking service, holders of BTA Bank payment cards get the opportunity:

      1. To receive the following information by request:
        • card balance;
        • mini-extract on last 10 operations made on card;
        • deposit balance;
        • extracts on deposit;
        • loan debt;
        • current account balance;
        • mini-extract on account;
        • current exchange rate;
        • addresses of ATMs and units of the Bank in your town
      2. Receive payments for services of mobile communication and Kazakhtelecom JSC.
      3. Receive automatic SMS-notifications at any movement of funds on your payment card.
      4. Receive notifications on expiry of card validity period.
      5. Emergently block payment card in case of loss or theft.

      You may register in SMS-banking system by applying to the manager of BTA Bank unit, filling out the application on https://bta24.kz/contactcenter/sms/default.asp, adjusting settings in your Internet-banking profile.

      Quality Service

      In case of any problems during servicing in BTA Bank, you may apply to the Quality Service. Your all questions, wishes and comments will be obligatorily considered and used to take measures to improve the quality of service.

      We are ready to change and develop with our help!

      Call Center contacts:

      7 (727) 250-01-11, 250-02-22 – for Almaty;
      8-8000-800-111 – toll-free numbers around Kazakhstan;
      7111 – free-of-charge number for all Kazakhstan mobile communication operators.

      24/7 Online Unit

      If you have no time to visit the Bank kindly use our BTA24 online unit. Here you can get detailed information on the products, services and current promo-activities of BTA Bank, specify contact phone numbers, addresses and working hours of our outlets, find nearest ATM, get effective exchange rates and use respective calculators.

      The main convenience of BTA24 is a round-the-clock opportunity to make payments and transfers online and constantly expanding range of financial services, including:

      • payment for difference services (mobile and city landline communication, cable TV, utilities, Internet services, insurance companies, education enterprises) and payments into budget (taxes, fines, duties)
      • control over personal bank accounts (card, deposit and loan accounts) and getting statements thereunder at any time required
      • money transfers between BTA Bank cards ("card-to-card"), and between card and deposit accounts opened without our bank
Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008