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BTA opens score of refinanced social mortgage loans
Chairman of the BTA Board of Directors Anvar Saidenov presented today a commemorative certificate to Svetlana Aliyeva, BTA Bank’s first customer under the government’s mortgage refinancing programme.

BTA management press conference
On March 25, members of the BTA management team met with the media at BTA’s Almaty headquarters and told them about the bank’s current situation and future plans. From BTA, present at the press conference were Arman Dunayev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Genrig Kholodzinsky and Abylakim Zhumakhmetov, Deputy Chairmen of the Management Board, and Kunsulu Kapbasova, Managing Director and Member of the Management Board.

BTA Bank and Kazakhstan Broadcasting Corporation Sign Cooperation Memorandum
Chairmen of the management boards of JSC BTA Bank and JSC Kazakhstan Broadcasting Corporation Anvar Saidenov and Zhanai Omarov, respectively, signed a memorandum today with effective implementation of the government’s economic stabilisation programme as the main goal.

BTA Bank carrying out its obligations from depositors and creditors and other clients
On 2 February 2009, BTA Bank issued to National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazyna, [25,246,343] new common shares of BTA Bank for KZT.

BTA Bank JSC kindly notifies on holding extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of BTA Bank JSC on March 6, 2009
Resolutions adopted during the meeting.

Dear Shareholder!
Hereby BTA Bank JSC (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) kindly notifies you on amendments to the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of participating in the capital of second tier banks.

BTA, KazAgro Pledge Cooperation
JSC BTA Bank and JSC NH KazAgro have signed a memorandum stating their joint intention to provide support to the farming sector as part of the government’s programme of economic and financial stabilization in 2009-2010.

BTA Management Meets Control Committee
Senior management of JSC BTA Bank, including Chairman of the Board of Directors Arman Dunayev, met yesterday with representatives of the committee charged with overseeing the use of public funds that were made available under the government’s anti-crisis programme.

BTA Appoints New Board of Directors
The extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of JSC BTA Bank held today voted to appoint a new board of directors.

BTA Bank JSC announces on starting to accept applications for refinancing mortgage loans under governmental program
Since March 04, 2009 BTA Bank JSC has been accepting applications from natural persons under governmental program of “National Walfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” for refinancing of mortgage loans.