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The seminar held in BTA Bank


The seminar for employees of the subdivisions on counteracting money laundering and financing terrorism as well as for the compliance-control services of Kazakhstani Second Tier Banks was held in BTA Bank in Almaty on 10-12th of November.

The law “On counteracting revenues’ legalization got in an illegal way and financing terrorism” was adopted in Kazakhstan on August 29 of a current year.

The Committee of finance monitoring of the Ministry of Finance of the RK and International educational centre of finance monitoring of the RF on the basis of BTA Bank held the seminar for employees of appropriate subdivisions and compliance-control services of Kazakhstani Second Tier Banks to have representatives of Kazakhstani banks get acquainted with international and Russian practice of combating money laundering and financing terrorism.

The participants of the seminar were greatly interested in the key aspect as how to organize the system of inner control in their banks to counteract money laundering and financing terrorism. In the course of the seminar they had a chance to ask directly questions, to discuss actual topics with their colleagues from other banks, to get recommendations and to get acquainted with the best practice on forming and functioning subdivisions in finance monitoring. Besides, all the participants were able to carry out the analysis of suspicious operations with the help of specialized program software in a form of a test.

The seminar was evaluated as a useful one and of great practical importance both by the organizers and the participants. All the participants have got the certificates.