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BTA Bank integrated its Faster money transfer system with Ukrainian system AVERS

14.01.2014 15:45:04

Almaty, January 14, 2014 - BTA Bank (hereinafter - Bank) has successfully completed integration of its Faster money transfer system with AVERS system of Finances and Credit Ukrainian bank. This step enabled expanding the geography of money transfer service outlets for customers of the Bank, increasing speed and reliability of banking service.

Now, in addition to Faster service network in Kazakhstan and near and far abroad countries, the customers of the Bank have an opportunity to use over 2.9 thousand of money transfer acceptance and sending outlets of AVERS system in Ukraine.

Gradual expansion of geography of Faster money transfers, flexible rate policy with simultaneous increase of speed and reliability of service have always been ones of the strategic priorities of retail business of the Bank. Thanks to integration of Faster with such money transfer systems as Golden Crown, Intel Express Money Transfers Worldwide and Caspian Money Transfer, Faster service network now covers more than 24 near and far abroad countries and includes over 25 thousand of funds acceptance and sending outlet.

One more significant advantage of Faster money transfer system is a high speed of service: it only takes one minute for a transfer to get from the place of sending to destination point. Transfers are made in four currencies - tenge, Russian rubles, US dollars and Euro, and conversion is made at the rate favorable to the customer. To send the transfer, you only have to carry your identification document. Thanks to implementation of electronic form of application, the Bank's customers are relieved from the need to fill out the application manually, which can be made by the expert in the Bank unit on the basis of information provided by the customer. All the payer has to do is to merely check the correctness of filling out the form and sign it. Together with money transfer, the payer may also send the payee a short text message and notify him by SMS on credit of transfer to the destination point.

Detailed information about AVERS money transfer system

AVERS international money transfer system of Finances and Credit Ukrainian bank was created in March of 2005. Main principles of system operation are democratic rate policy, constant expansion of range of offered services and money transfer network, as well as minimum time for delivering transfer to the destination point. Thanks to openness and simplicity of operation rules, AVERS money transfer system enjoys wide popularity, while the service network numbers over 2954 of transfer acceptance and sending outlets within Ukraine. By now Finances and Credit bank has entered into 98 cooperation agreements under AVERS money transfer system with partner banks, including Intercoopbank JSCB (Moscow, Russia), Golden Crown SNBCO (Russia), Zaminbank OJSC (Azerbaijan) and Intel Express (Georgia).

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