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BTA: 1000th depositor opened “Obrazovatelnyi” deposit

11.03.2014 15:59:29

In BTA the day before of Women's Day congratulated profitable investment of Leila Yunussova - mother, who opened "Obrazovatelnyi" deposit in the name of her thirteen years old son - Kirill Ulitin. He became the 1000th depositor of the said deposit. The Bank also gave Kirill's mother memorable presents: privileged Gold class payment card with free annual service and gold souvenir denomination with nominal value of 10,000 tenge.

It should seem, what is special in this event? For those who have not heard about this deposit: "Obrazovatelnyi" deposit while unique in Kazakhstan.
State educational funded system was started in the middle of last year. The gist of it is simple: you must open a deposit in the bank participating in the program, and pile up money for future tuition in schools. On the deposit will be credited with not only a solid banking fee, but added the state prize up to 7% per annum after one year of placing money on deposit. The main condition - the contribution is to be used only for tuition. Currently "Obrazovatelnyi" deposit can be open in BTA Bank, Temir Bank and Halyk Bank.

Leila Yunussova answer the questions regarding the "Obrazovatelnyi" deposit.
- In terms of deposit what attracted you the most?
- Very high rate of deposit - up to 15.3%. Also attracted by the fact that due to the "Obrazovatelnyi" deposit, in the future I will be able, if necessary, to get credit for education of son on favorable terms without bail under the state guarantee.
- How much you want to collect on deposit?
- I will try to collect as much as I can to provide my son the best education.

- What kind of advice you give to people who wanting to collect money on education?
- Trust the state banking system of Kazakhstan and, in particular, BTA, to collect money for the future education of children's on "Obrazovatelnyi" deposit. It is very effective and provides additional opportunities to depositors.

BTA wish to our 1000th depositor and all customers, open "Obrazovatelnyi" deposit, speedy implementation plans and financial well-being!

Please be reminded of conditions of "Obrazovatelnyi" deposit.

  • "Obrazovatelnyi" depositors:
    - Customers wishing to collect money on improving their education ;
    - Parents, guardians, relatives, wishing to collect money on the education of children's in the future.
  • Minimum sum of initial contribution - 3 MCI.
  • Effective annual interest rate - up to 15.3%
    including the annual state award in the amount of up to 7 %.
  • Deposit opens in tenge.
  • Storage time of deposit - 3 years and 5 years.
  • Monthly capitalization of accrued interest.
  • Fixed rate of return to the whole period of time of the deposit.
  • Additional contributions are not limited to:
    through the cashier, Cash & Pay terminal, Internet banking, transferring money on deposit with a payment card or current account via "Standing Instruction".
  • Partial witgdrawal are not provided, except the target withdrawal of money in favor of the organization of education.

Interest on deposit, depending on the term of the deposit

Time of deposit

36 months

60 months

Nominal rate of the Bank



Premium of the State

Up to 7%

Up to 7%

Annual effective rate

Up to 14,2%

Up to 15,3%

If the depositor's education in the university will be on state grants, he has the right:

  • redirect of accumulated funds on educational deposit to the third party;
  • continue to collect funds to pay for a higher level of education;
  • funds withdrawal with the bank's remuneration and state bonus.

    Contribution to education - investment to the future!