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«On intention to enter into related party transaction with person, having special relations with BTA Bank JSC»

26.05.2014 10:58:26

Hereby BTA Bank JSC notifies that on March 6, 2014, the Board of Directors of BTA Bank JSC took resolution to enter into related party transactions.

Information on entering into related party transaction by the joint-stock company 1) date of taking resolution on entering into transaction by the Board of Directors – March 6, 2014;

2) value of the transaction subject – n/a;

3) date of the latest valuation of the transaction subject – n/a;

4) percentage ratio of value of transaction subject to the total value of assets of this joint-stock company – n/a;

5) main terms of the transaction – opening of current account in the Branch of Kostanay and Pavlodar citys: 

6) date of the transaction – May 22, 2014.