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Results of BTA Bank for 2013

06.06.2014 15:56:02

June 6, 2014 - BTA Bank (hereinafter - the Bank) reports the results of the Bank and the companies included in the group of BTA (hereinafter - the Group), at the end of 2013, based on the audited consolidated financial statements under IFRS


Net income is KZT 7,5 billion (49 million dollars USA).

Positive net interest margin amounted to KZT 30,5 billion (200.6 million dollars USA) with a negative result for 2012.
 Non-interest income amounted to KZT 28.4 billion (186.7 million dollars USA). The main components of these incomes are incomes from commissions and fees, income from operations with foreign currency and net income from insurance activities.
 Non-interest expense (net of expenses from recognizing recovery notes on basic amount in 2012) decreased by 7.9% compared with 2012, due to a reduction in staff costs by 7.6% and a reduction in other operating expenses by 34 9%.

Assets developed almost at the end of last year and amounted to KZT 1,603 billion (10.4 billion dollars USA). In the structure of assets 38.5% are loans to customers.
Loan portfolio amounted to KZT 616 billion (4 billion dollars USA), slightly decreased by (4.4%) compared to December 31, 2012.
Liabilities amounted to KZT 1,323 billion (8.6 billion dollars USA). Compared to December 31, 2012 liabilities decreased by 1.4%. In the structure of liabilities 41.6% are customer's deposits.
Customer deposits amounted to KZT 550.6 billion (3.6 billion dollars USA), including 75.1% - customer time deposits. Compared to December 31, 2012 customer deposits increased by 2.7%, mainly due to growth in time deposits.
Equity capital amounted to KZT 280.2 billion (1.8 billion dollars USA). Compared to December 31, 2012 the Bank's capital increased by 4.3% due to the net income. k2 Capital adequacy ratio exceeds the norm by more than 2-fold (27.7%, while the norm of 10%). Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio, calculated in accordance with the recommendations of the Basel Accord in 2004, was 24.1%.

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