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On entering into a related party transaction

27.06.2014 09:08:08

Herewith BTA Bank JSC kindly notifies that on May 31, 2014 the Board of Directors of BTA Bank JSC resolved to enter into transaction where the Bank has interest:

Information on transaction of the Joint-Stock Company where it has interest


1)      date the Board of Directors takes resolution on the transaction: May 30, 2014;

2)  value of the property subject to the transaction: N/A; 

3)  date of the last evaluation of the property subject to the transaction: N/A; 

4)  interest ratio of the value of property subject to the transaction to the total value of assets of the company: N/A; 

5) main conditions of the transaction: 

6) to establish  repayment scheme No.3 (20%);

7) to fix nominal interest rate of 10% p.a. of the loan debt;

8) to fix fee for cashing in BTA Bank JSC network as well as network of other second-tier banks of 2%;

9) any other credit conditions under Bank Loan Agreement No.0004-0487/CZK2/KZ77319A010005463336 dated June  21, 2013 shall remain unchanged.