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Announcement to the shareholders of JSC BTA Bank

29.07.2014 15:55:44

29 July 2014, Almaty, Kazakhstan - In accordance with clause 3 of Article 25 of the Law #415-II on Joint-Stock Companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of 13 May 2013, the Joint-Stock Company Kazkommertsbank (address: 135Zh Gagarin avenue, Almaty 050060, Kazakhstan), which owns 298,295,649,240 (46.5%) of common shares of JSC BTA Bank and has 27,351,461,050 (4.26%) common shares of JSC BTA Bank under trust management, and Mr. K. Rakishev (address: 11 Ondasynov street, Almaty) who owns 298,295,649,240 (46.5%) of common shares of JSC BTA Bank, extend the offer to the shareholders of JSC BTA Bank (hereinafter "The Bank") to sell common shares issued by the Bank ("The Shares") at a price of 0.24162 tenge per one common share.

The Buy Back Acceptance Notice (the "Notice") should be made in compliance with the required form available at the web-site of the Bank at www.bta.kz, and must be submitted to the Bank. The form of Notice is available in hard copy from the head office of the Bank at the following address: 97 Zholdasbekov street, Samal-2 microdistrict, Almaty, or in any of the following branch offices of the Bank in Kazakhstan.

Branch Office



City, street, #

Aktobe branch office

Aktobe Oblast

51 Abulkhair Khan avenue, Aktobe

Almaty branch office

Almaty Oblast

55 Aiteke bi street, Almaty

East-Kazakhstan branch office

East-Kazakhstan Oblast

21/1 Gorky street, Ust-Kamenogorsk

Atyrau branch office

Atyrau Oblast

23 Kulmanov street, Atyrau

Zhambyl branch office

Zhambyl Oblast

75 Zheltoksan street, Taraz

Zhezkazgan branch office

Karaganda Oblast

20 Titov street, Zhezkazgan

Karaganda branch office

Karaganda Oblast

11A Alikhanov street, Karaganda

Kyzylorda branch office

Kyzylorda Oblast

53 Zhakhaev street, Kyzylorda

Kokshetau branch office

Akmola Oblast

21 B. Momyshuly street, Kokshetau

Kostanay branch office

Kostanay Oblast

114 Al-Farabi avenue, Kostanay

Mangistau branch office

Mangistau Oblast

63 14th microdistrict, Aktau

Pavlodar branch office

Pavlodar Oblast

22 Ak. Bekturov street, Pavlodar

North-Kazakhstan branch office

North-Kazakhstan Oblast

60A Brusilovskiy street, Petropavlovsk

Semey branch office

East-Kazakhstan Oblast

53 Urankhaev street, Semey

Taldykorgan branch office

Almaty Oblast

158 Ablay Khan street, Taldykorgan

West-Kazakhstan branch office

West-Kazakhstan Oblast

69/1 Amanzholov street, Uralsk

Astana branch office

Akmola Oblast

27 Seifullin street, Astana

Temirtau branch office

Karaganda Oblast

20 Republic square, Temirtau

South-Kazakhstan branch office

South-Kazakhstan Oblast

82 Tauke Khan avenue, Shymkent

Ekibastuz branch office

Pavlodar Oblast

91 Stroitelnaya street, Ekibastuz

The Notices shall be submitted to the head office of the Bank or to its branch offices by 18:00 Almaty time on 28 August 2014. Where the Notice is submitted in a sealed envelope it should be signed "Consent to sell the Shares". The Bank may refuse to accept the Notices that do not include all required information or are not delivered prior to stated closing date.

The shareholder should submit to the JSC Unified Securities Registrar (hereinafter, "the USR") or to its nominal holder the order to write-down the Shares and their entrance to the account of JSC Kazkommertsbank and/or account of Mr. K. Rakishev at the USR, and pay all fees within two days from submission of the Notice to the Bank. If the shareholder fails to submit the order within the stated period, the shareholder's application for buyback will be considered as withdrawn by the shareholder. The Order form is available at the web-site of the Bank at www.bta.kz. The shareholder should apply to the head office or to the branch offices of the Bank, if he (she) would like to receive the Order in a hard-copy. The Order form is also available at the web-site of the USR (www.tisr.kz).

Payment on bought back shares will be made within 30 calendar days from the date of the Notice provided that the bought back shares are accepted to the account of JSC Kazkommertsbank or Mr. K. Rakishev.

Each shareholder bears sole responsibility for timely receipt of consents, approvals, payment of fees, commissions and taxes and other actions required to sell the Shares, including submission to the USR the required documents and information for the transaction.

All payments by JSC Kazkommertsbank to holders who are non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be subject to a deduction of tax in accordance with the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. More detailed information on taxation issues related to the Offer is available at the web-site of the Bank: www.bta.kz.

Holders of GDRs with the Bank's common shares being the basic asset have equal right to participate in this Offer together with other shareholders of the Bank. To participate the GDR holders should apply to The Bank of New York Mellon via email: drglobaltransactions@bnymellon.com.  Payment to the GDR holders shall be made via the Depository in US dollars at exchange rate of the National Bank of Kazakhstan at payment date.

The buyback procedure will be conducted in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For further information in relation to this Announcement, please contact the Corporate Secretary of the Bank Sakhil Dugashev or Olga Pitulova at the contact details below.


Common Shares/GDRs


Mr Sakhil Dugashev

Corporate Secretary

Tel: (727) 266-72-54

Email: sdugashev@bta.kz 

Ms Olga Pitulova

Assistant to Corporate Secretary

Tel: (727) 266-72-69

Email: opitulova@bta.kz



Form 12

Detailed information regarding the withholding tax in Kazakhstan

Buy Back Acceptance Notice on Common Shares of JSC BTA Bank - Individuals

Buy Back Acceptance Notice on Common Shares of JSC BTA Bank - legal entities