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On accession of "BTA Bank" CJSC (Armenia) to "Armeconombank" OJSC and the sale of shares to "Armeconombank" OJSC.

21.09.2016 15:33:22

Hereby "BTA Bank" JSC informs the creditors, shareholders and the public about the accession of the subsidiary bank of "BTA Bank" JSC (Kazakhstan)  - "BTA Bank" CJSC (Armenia) to "Armeconombank" OJSC (Armenia) on August 24, 2016. 
As a result of accession, "BTA Bank" CJSC (Armenia) ceased to exist as a legal entity, the share of "BTA Bank" JSC (Kazakhstan) in the authorized capital of the "Armeconombank" OJSC (Armenia) was 17,8 %. In accordance with the Purchase Agreement, concluded between "BTA Bank" JSC (Kazakhstan) and the investor from the Republic of Armenia, the share of "BTA Bank" JSC (Kazakhstan), which is 16,8% in the authorized capital of "Armeconombank" OJSC (Armenia), was sold to an investor from Republic of Armenia.